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Introducing the Wash Power™ robot, designed for washing Hog Barns:


The Wash Power robot will do the hard job for you. Hand off the bulk of the work.

Industrial Grade

Built to last, this robot is designed for the barn. Over 1000 units in use worldwide.


Don’t let the title “robot” deceive you. This machine is easy to train on and simple to use.

ProCleaner X 100, Wash Power™ Robot

We call the ProCleaner X100 the ultimate washing robot. ProCleaner X100 has been developed and tested rigorously over several years and sold in more than 1.000 numbers worldwide. It is described by our customers as …an effective and reliable help in the everyday operations at the farms. ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexible and reliable washing robot for cleaning the vast majority of hog barns. 

ProCleaner X100 is built on 4 wheels and measures 26.5 in. wide and 45 in. in length. The washing robot is kept on a straight path by adjustable side wheels, which runs up the side of the fixtures and ensures that the robot keeps going in the right direction.

The machine is build with ultrasound sensors which ensure that the machine automatically stops when it reaches the end wall.

ProCleaner X100 can be programmed to run both a soaking program and several different types of washes. The machine is connected via the existing high-pressure system, using standard high-pressure hoses and requires a minimum water volume of 6.5 gallons per minute.

Specially developed nozzles ensure that the water molecules are bound together so that the water jet remains highly effective, even at a distance of 16-20 feet.

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